“The Logos Examined”

The Logos Examined: The Case for Understanding, Defending, and Spreading Christianity

Book I of the Logical Faith Series

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
If God is all-loving then why is there pain and suffering
in the world?
Without God is there an objective source for morality?

These and many other questions are analyzed by a former
hostile agnostic, turned Christian, David K. Thomas. In this
volume, Thomas examines many of the most common and
profound arguments made for and against theism in general
and Christianity in particular.
Although he argues that Christianity is in fact objectively true,
this book is not simply a work of Christian apologetics. It is an
invitation to the skeptical to challenge their beliefs, an urge for
Christians to deepen their understandings of the Christian
faith, and a call for all to spread the Word of God once they
have been presented with the substantial and convincing
evidence for God and Christianity.
This book will challenge all readers to reassess and deepen
their worldviews. Get ready for a shot of truth as the divinity of
Jesus Christ is proclaimed in an increasingly secular world in
The Logos Examined.

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