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I dedicate entire pages on this website to my individual full-length books. This page features my shorter research projects, some of which are nonreligious in nature.

Cinema Wars: Hollywood and the Third Reich, 1938-1941

Americans joined World War II after Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Or did they? The Western world has devolved into a realm of moral relativism and pluralism and yet there remains one group that Americans are permitted, nay encouraged, to despise: Nazis. As a result, we do not give a second thought to movies that portray Nazis in a negative light. Yet the assumption of Nazis being evil is not in fact timeless. Indeed it was formed by allied propaganda throughout World War II. Unsurprisingly, this propaganda included Hollywood films. What is surprising, however, is that many of these films were released when the United States was still officially neutral; before Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Most history books on World War II start with the assumption that the United States wished to rid Europe of Nazis. This book examines how that assumption was originally manufactured and nurtured and what the implications of this may be.

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