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Who am I? I am lay theologian and former hostile agnostic that has since given his life to God and I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. This site is meant to feature my book projects, the first of which is already complete, detailing some of the philosophical, scientific, and historical reasons to believe in the Christian conception of God as well as in a higher spiritual power more generally. My first book is titled The Logos Examined and can be found on this website. My second book is titled Is the Word of God Immoral? is also available. This website also features some of my shorter written works and lectures.

Everything on this site is written, edited, and created by myself, so if it is lousy, then the fault is solely mine. If it is helpful and worthy of being passed on to others, then all glory belongs solely to God!

I pray that whether you are a Christian, atheist, Hindu, agnostic, Jew, etc. that you will carefully consider my arguments and perhaps even be swayed by them to give your life to Jesus Christ. As these books will shows, I hope, the Christian faith is a reasonable and logical faith. Take care and God bless!


David K. Thomas




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